Evaluation team Scope and distribution
  • If the commercial arrangements are built around the Evaluation Team owning the loan pool equipment. We then carry out monthly/ quarterly stock reviews, and be coming forward with order requests for new equipment to replace the stock that is retiring from the Loan Pool having completed its stint. For some product ranges like PC’s, laptops and tablets, this is vital because product life cycles can be very short, and it is a substantial exercise to keep reviewing and ensuring the Loan pool is made up of the latest product.

  • Where the commercial arrangements are not built around The Evaluation Team having asset ownership, we look to our vendor contacts to ensure adequate attention is made to ensure that the loan pool equipment is managed to be appropriate for business needs.

  • No other provider can operate a demo management process on an EMEA scale.

  • With our warehouses in the UK and our major Distribution centre based in Leiden in Holland, we have the physical infrastructure as well as the experience to scale to the task.

  • With language options and capacity to build an evaluation structure that mirrors our Vendors organisational structure, we have a system to deliver an EMEA scale service.

  • We have vast experience of delivering and are delivering EMEA scoped services from the UK for our vendors. The addition of the distribution centre in Leiden enables us to supported large scale EMEA contracts.

  • We have handled every type of IT Product including servers, PC’s, printers, scanners, large format displays. Obviously each technology presents a challenge, but we believe we have the skills to match to each.

  • There is no reason why the product range should be limited to just IT. We can also manage collateral, exhibition equipment and many complimentary materials as well as main IT equipment.

  • We have experience in handling collateral, exhibition stands and displays