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Our Packaged Solution Is Ready And Waiting For You

Talk to us about putting a program together, and in just a few hours we will have a channel rated, full featured program up and running, ready to win business for you. 

  1. A Branded Web Portal

    evaluation team portals

    Benefit from our industry leading web-application. A few minutes of set-up will result in an entry-point for a channel program that is equivalent to the best brands in the industry.

    Instantly available will be:

    • A branded site with branded email suite built into all the processes and communication
    • A purpose built and customisable (see later) request process 
    • A registration process (if required)
    • An authorisation process that is customisable (see later)
    • Top quality real-time availability information
    • Top quality real-time request information for everyone that is tagged into requests in their own ‘My Loans’ page
    • Top quality real-time report information in a range of formats designed to be only available to entitled people (via their ‘My Loans’ page)
  2. A Purpose Built Facility

    evaluation team warehouse space

    We can instantly make available warehouse, engineering benches, trucks and the personnel associated. We are a multi-vendor platform with an infrastructure designed to support any product. We are supporting each vendor to the best of our abilities, and are keen to support more.

  3. A Loan management System Built To Understand Your Products And Your Organisation

    Setting up a new vendor client in our ADDEMS system is simple.

    We will set up a 5 tier product coding structure so we have a good understanding of your product range. We can take a little longer to put together our SpecChecker information for your product range. We will set up the contact records for your vendor team of sales and marketing personnel, and all partners, into a structure that will help us put rules in place for who can have access to what inventory. This will help us to report back to you who is using the process and what is happening.

  4. And When We Have Some Of Your Product

    We will set-up more of the detailed product information that will make the processes run smoothly.

    Customising The Request Process

    evaluation team portals

    No matter what the ‘Go To’ market strategy is for the brand, our web portal can be customised to provide an effective method of handling evaluation opportunities in a controlled way.

    1. Access to the Service

      You may want to restrict the access to the service to a tightly defined team, e.g only the vendors own sales and marketing teams, or a distributor based business development team for the brand. The restriction is achieved by controlling logins and passwords.

      In this approach we would still pull into each request contact details of the reseller involved, and actively include them in our communication and co-ordination.

      You may want to open up access to the service to a wide array of resellers that are accredited to sell your products. This can be achieved by switching on a registration option at our portal site for the brand, which includes a process whereby each registration is manually reviewed and actioned.

      In this approach we would be making sure that the request from the reseller also included the necessary vendor or distributor contacts to make sure there was sufficient visibility of the opportunity.

    2. Request Justification Information

      The structure of our request form in our portal calls for the person submitting the request to give information about the opportunity.

      You can customise the design of the justification questions to make sure you get the information you want.

    3. Request Authorisation

      You may want to set up a process where every request is reviewed and signed off by a key person. This may be appropriate if there is a modest number of requests and a limited amount of stock, resulting in a need to constantly prioritise.

      You may want to allow your own vendor personnel easy access to the process without needing to approve each one. This may be appropriate if there is a large number of requests, a wide range of equipment and good availability. The authorisation structure of the portal can be configured to achieve these options.

    Customising Our Account Management

    You may want to have us deliver in your equipment and handover at reception or the goods entrance. Particularly if the equipment is compact and can be easily handled by the customer.

    You may want to ask us to get the equipment to the position in the building where the evaluation will take place, have the unit unpacked and set-up, and then have the packaging taken away. Particularly if the equipment is large and there is multiple operations required to get set up.

    You may want to ask us to take the lead in defining the dates when the equipment will be onsite, co-ordinating with all the involved sales team members. Particularly if there is a small loan pool that is going to be intensively utilised.

    You may want to ask us to take the lead pinning down the dates for an onsite demo, working with the sales specialist to co-ordinate diaries with evaluating customer. Particularly if you feel your channel partners are not skilled enough with your product to be able to do this effectively.

    Customising Our Language

    For EMEA scope programs, providing language options for the end user interface is a simple customisation issue.